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Im Black, Bi, Adopted, and Full of Life! Im the youngest kid out of 3 and my siblings are also adopted. My life is like crazy dysfunctional Tv Show. My parents are both Caucasian and I couldn't ask for a better pair.

In life I strive for Originality and Uniqueness. Never will I follow, Only Lead myself and others to where we're meant to be.



Pre-Surgery Post

Prepping for my surgery today

Im sad that I won’t be able to workout for a month :(

But at least I will have a lot of time to work on my projects 24/7 with no interruptions!!!!!! I’m gonna get so much done and will once again be ahead of my deadline

I hope to post more too since I will have some free time to spare. I’ve been MIA lately getting ready for this week.

But I will post later tonight or tomorrow depending on how knocked out I am from the drugs that they’ll give me.

So Until Next Time


Having such an Awesome day so far!!!!!!

I got some amazing gifts and I’m forever thankful


this is supposed to be ironic but bo actually looks really good and it stresses me out a little: a photoset


I love this month!! Mainly cause my birthday is just around the corner and this year I’m actually excited.

Plus its the month of my big surgery!

Also on plan to debut my hard work on my projects and it will be a game changer

So October so far looks like its gonna an Awesomesauce month